What Are You "Made" For?

There was an elderly couple in our church who were in their mid eighties.  Once I asked this gentleman how he is doing physically, and how he gets around town.  His reply caught my attention: “Physically I am fine.  If I need to go somewhere close, I walk. Otherwise I ride my bicycle.”  At that time our church met on the second floor of a hotel, and he refused to take the elevator (lift).  He also would not allow anyone to help him down the stairs.  He was determined to go up and down the stairs alone, without any assistance.  
I appreciated his bravery and resoluteness   In fact, even after his wife died, he lived alone in the house till the end.  He was determined that he should not be a burden to  anyone in his later years.  When asked about physical ailments, pain, and other challenges, his response was resolute.  “Yes, the challenges are there, but I can’t dwell on those things.  I’ve got to move on.”

His wife had similar characteristics as well.  Even while she battled cancer, she was determined to remain standing during the entire worship time.  It was her own way of expressing her heart’s gratitude to what God has done in her family through the years.

Growing older doesn’t have to be a scary and difficult situation.  Sure, as you move up in years, you’ll have more physical limitations. But instead of being discouraged, it should be a time to re-focus your approach.

Several years ago I wrote a blog post called Has Life Begun? I had just turned forty that day, and wanted to share some of my thoughts.  The most significant idea for me was that I wanted to focus my time and energy on things I am “made” for.  The idea is to focus on the core of what you do, the most essential matters only.  Let all other things have a secondary status.

When you try to do everything as before, the situation becomes problematic.  You just may not have the energy or stamina as in your earlier years.  Make your goals more realistic with the primary focus on the essentials.  These essentials are in effect what you are “made” for.

All the experiences you’ve had over the years have built you and prepared you for the important task of focusing on your essentials.  Now, it is time to narrow your focus and put in your best.  Your later years can be the most strategic and productive.

What are the things you feel you are “made” for?

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