When No One Understands

Once in a while Susan* would come out of her shell and try to talk with others and smile. But most of the time she was simply withdrawn and isolated. She came to church regularly and attended all of the special meetings and gatherings. But somehow she just couldn’t connect with most of the people.

Her problems were different. Others could not understand her situation. As pastors, my wife and I attempted to help her connect with the rest of the people in our church. We knew that would be good and healthy for her spiritually and emotionally. But she felt that no one else understands her pain and struggles. She just couldn’t see how anyone could possibly help her.
Several people tried to reach out to her, but they just couldn’t connect. Her problems were too deep and intense, and their patience in listening to her wore out quickly. So she remained in her “shell” for a long time. Visits to counselors and psychiatrists continued, but there was no change in her.
Susan just couldn’t understand how God could love her or understand her situation. She felt that she was too “broken” for God to ever want her. But the Bible is clear that God accepts these “broken” ones. The Psalmist says “The sacrifices of God are a broken Spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. (Psalm 51:17 ESV)
The above mentioned Psalm was possibly written during a time when animal sacrifices were still common in Israel. But even in that time, a broken and contrite heart was understood to be the primary requirement. Yes, the sacrifices continued, but they had to be offered with such a heart that was open and contrite before God.
This is exactly what God wants of his people: brokenness and contriteness. This doesn’t mean that God wants his people in a mess. He wants us to be aware of our brokenness so we can be open to his love.
Its a fact that people usually remain the same. They’re busy with their own problems and struggles in life. They may not have the time nor even care to look in your direction. But God remains faithful. Keep trusting him, and keep moving forward.
What do you do when no one seems to care?
Share your experiences in the comments section of this blog.
*Name changed
Photo by jasleen_kaur Creative Commons


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