Why I Write These Blogs

The desire to write regularly began years ago, but somehow I could not get motivated to do so. That desire was the reason this blog was started several years ago, but it never got much mileage.

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Throughout my college years and further, writing was a part of my daily routine, but it was all directly related to my studies. Writing the dissertation for my doctoral work gave me the feeling of writing something to the extent of producing a “book.” But none of these prompted me to write regularly.

In June 2012, I was miraculously healed of chronic back pain with which I suffered for 17 years. The final five years was severe where I was bedridden for months at a time. That healing was a process which began about two years prior to the healing of my back pain. The “process” took me through intense emotional turmoil and ultimately to complete healing of my back pain in 2012. As a result of the healing, I was able to resume all of the physical activities that I thought were forever impossible.

One of those activities was playing basketball. In September 2012, I played basketball (tried to) with a few teenagers and posted the pictures on Facebook. You can view that picture at this link. A few commented on the pictures and I received several emails asking about my healing. When I realized that I was repeating the same things on each email, I decided to post my story of healing as an entry on my blog. After a few weeks, I thought it necessary to share how the pain began and my experiences surrounding it. Subsequently, I began sharing about some of the issues I struggled with and how I perceived them biblically. That, of course, led to more sharing of my thoughts on various issues, and it became a weekly process.

Lots of ideas and inspiration for writing came from Jeff Goins, a writer and blogger who is a constant help to writers. Sometimes I get phone calls from people letting me know how my writing has inspired them. Along with this, the responses by email and blog comments from readers of my blog gave me the indication that I needed to continue writing as it helps so many.

The subscribers who continue receiving these weekly emails are an indication of interest, and that others will also benefit. Thank you for continuing to read each week. When you find a post that helps, inspires, or encourages you, please remember to share these emails with your friends by forwarding them and sharing on social media. Some people use these ideas for small group discussions and activities. Others have used them for sermon illustrations and sermon ideas.  A recent look at the stats indicated that people from more than 20 countries read and benefit from these writings. Keep reading, and keep sharing.

How have you benefited from these blogs? Please share it in the comments section of this blog. Thanks.



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