How a Foolish Decision Benefits You

The question was a clear true/false option: “Would you spend up to one hour for resolving a difference of 35 cents in your calculation?” The test was for a promotion to the management team in a company I worked for.
The obvious answer is “no” to spending so much time for an insignificant amount of money. That would be a foolish decision. The test included other questions evaluating the person’s ability to make value judgments that would benefit the company.
On several occasions, Jesus was questioned about his practice of associating with people of less reputation and sinners. It was not seen as a wise decision for a person of his stature in society.
Jesus replied with the story of the shepherd who had one hundred sheep. When he lost one sheep, he left the 99 with someone and personally searched for the one lost sheep. You see, that’s how God the Father handles every sinner who is lost.
But what an unwise and foolish decision. That shepherd risked the entire herd just to search for one. Bad management decision, but that’s the heart of the Father. He values each person so much that he was willing to send his only Son to the earth to be tortured and murdered like a criminal. What a foolish decision!
It was this foolish decision that benefitted you and me as sinners in need of God’s mercy. And it’s this same decision that ought to drive us to see sinners from a different perspective. To God, every sinner is a highly valuable person.
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