How to Pray Like Jesus

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, it was obvious that they saw something special in Jesus’ prayer life. Here are some things we can learn from Jesus’ prayer time at Gethsemane (Mark 14).

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1. Separate yourself from distractions (32-34)

Although it is important to pray with family, friends, and the entire church, its also important to find time alone with God. Just think of it as a meeting with just you and God. He desires to meet with you alone. Jesus’ disciples were important to Him, but he had to get away from everyone and be alone with His Father.

2. Open your heart to God (35-36)

Think of this time as an opportunity for a heart to heart conversation with God. Share with Him your deepest thoughts that you would share with no one else. Allow God access to every area of your heart. Jesus shared something with the Father that he could tell no one — not even his disciples. How could he tell them that he would like to back off from this entire plan? They left everything to follow Him. But since this was in his heart, he had to share it with his Father.

3. Such prayer will keep you free from temptation (37-38)

When you are fully open to God about your weaknesses, you allow God access to that area of weakness. Once you give access to God, He will begin His work in your particularly in those areas. Those weak areas are the ones that trap you in times of temptation. Jesus saw this prayer time as a strong defense against temptation. His temptation was to go against the Father’s will. But aren’t all temptations we face just like that?

4. After prayer, even if your situation does not change, you will change (39-42)

We surely want our problem situations to change. But God seems more interested in changing us. After that intense time of prayer with His Father, Jesus had to walk into his greatest time of trial and torture.

So go ahead and pray like Jesus. Take everything to the Father. Even your deepest desires — even those that go against His will. He will strengthen you and get you ready to face every challenge.

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