Stomach Induced Following

People followed Jesus for many reasons. Some followed him to fill their stomachs, some followed for physical healing, and others wanted to gain some position in the coming kingdom that they thought was literal and earthly.
Jesus did not take the step to drive these people away from him. He allowed them to follow. But his teaching remained focused and uncompromising. Those who follow Jesus must deny themselves, take up the cross, and follow him. This type of focus in his teaching naturally drove away those with other agendas.
This was a clear affirmation of Jesus’ purpose to seek and to save the lost. He said he did not come for the righteous; he came that sinners would turn and repent. This purpose impacted every aspect of his ministry. He allowed those with improper motives to stay. Maybe they would be impacted by his ongoing teaching and the ministry.
When Jesus taught about the wheat and the tares, he made a clear statement that the tares should be allowed to remain. Uprooting the tares may damage the wheat and this risk was to be avoided. His instruction was to allow the tares to remain till the final day when God will separate the wheat and tares and burn the tares in the fire.
As we strive to be faithful in the work of the Lord, our focus should be like that of Jesus. Open your arms to those who are weak, hurting, sick, and in pain. Allow them access to you and to all the resources available to you. Bring them to Jesus, who will transform their life.
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