4 Steps to Training Small Group Leaders

Those who have been part of a vibrant, active, small group can share how that group has helped in numerous ways. For some, their lives were completely transformed as a result of being part of a small group. For others, the small group sustained them through some of the fiercest storms in their lives.
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For a group to sustain itself and stay vibrant for the long haul, it is vital to continually develop new leaders. For every new leader you develop, you’ll gain ten new people. Its not a numbers game, but an opportunity to impact more people with your life changing message.
Here are four things you need to develop as you train new leaders.

  1. Heart – Vision

Develop within their hearts a vision that will become their passion. They need to develop a vision about themselves and others.

  • Themselves as enablers.
  • Others as prospects for a better life.
  1. Feet – Experience

As soon as people catch the vision within their hearts, give them opportunities for them to get involved in leadership tasks. While they are involved and gaining experience, teach them so they will have the knowledge and the necessary skills.
If you try to teach them all the necessary knowledge and skills before they begin taking responsibility,  you may lose them before they begin. Let them start, then teach them incrementally.

  1. Mind – Knowledge

Gradually work on developing their knowledge. A new leader needs some basic knowledge about worldviews, life, the Bible, and about things that are important to people in your group.
Get them on the track of being a reader. Develop an interest in them to be a lifelong learner. Resources are freely available now, and can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. Get them on the learning track.

  1. Hands – Skills

Some basic skills of leadership must be taught to them in the beginning. As you invite them to share the burden of leadership along with you, they will be full of questions they never had. This is an opportunity for ongoing training in leadership skills.
A Lifelong Privilege
I believe leadership is a privilege that God has given his people. We are a “Kingdom of Priests” called by God. All of God’s children are given this opportunity. Some are willing to take the bold step into leadership.
See it as a lifelong privilege. As a leader, make it a priority to continuously develop leaders.

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