What to do When You Want to Run Away

Sometimes we feel like a change in our situation is really needed. Some think they need a new job, relationship, house, friend, or a host of other changes.
When there is a problem in a particular area, we think a change will solve the problem. But we often find the same challenges in our new situation too. You wonder if that problem is running after you. Sometimes your situation is much worse than what you were running from.
Maybe God is trying to speak to you in and through your circumstances. He has a plan to develop you further, and he wants to do that in the fire of where you are right now.
Here is what you can do:
1. Stay put
Often our greatest victory is to remain where you are and continue to be faithful. The temptation to run is so strong that many don’t stay. Really, it isn’t rocket science to stay faithful. Just stay put. Those who have attained the greatest victories in life are the ones who remained where they are and continued to be faithful. This doesn’t mean that there are not times where you move on. That should be the exception for you. Your most dominant trait should be to remain and be faithful.
2. Stay focused
Once you have overcome the temptation to run away, the next challenge is to remain focused on your purpose. Gather people around you that will influence you in the right direction. Spend more time with those who will encourage you in the direction you need to be headed. These are the people who understand your difficulties, but are interested in your future. Find the type of people who have remained faithful where they are. They are the type of people who have maintained a sharp focus on their goals.
3. Stay fruitful
Ultimately, you need to be fruitful in order to be satisfied in life. As long as you stay focused on your purpose, you will bear fruit. It is great to be faithful but you need to be fruitful. The longer you stay where you are and stay focused, you can stay fruitful. Your longevity and continued focus on your purpose will ultimately cause you to bear fruit.
So, you don’t need to run away. Stand still and let God do his work in you. He is faithful and will do his work well in you. Trust him even when it looks like things are getting worse. You will ultimately be fruitful as you stay focused right where you are.
Your Turn
Join the discussion and add your advice for those who want to run away. What have you learned about this?
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