Embrace the Kingdom for Healing

Healing is one of the ways God’s Kingdom breaks into our lives. We know that God’s power is unlimited and that all things are possible with God. But in this imperfect world with imperfect people like us, there are numerous things that hinder the work of God. Yet still, there are factors much beyond our understanding that stand in the way of healing. We don’t have answers for why some people are not healed, but God surely has a plan for each of our lives.
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I’m on a quest to explore the various dimensions of healing that help and hinder the process. Please join me as I unpack each of these dimensions one by one.
When Jesus did miraculous works like healing, he said he did these things because the Kingdom of God has come. The miraculous works of Jesus were the direct result of God’s kingdom taking root here on earth.

  • As a framework

When we pray, why do we expect to see healing? What is the foundation behind the move of God that brings healing? Jesus said the works he does is evidence that the Kingdom of God has come into our midst. It is a direct confrontation between two kingdoms. The kingdom evil has taken advantage of people’s fallen nature and has led them into more sin as their life progresses. Their sin opened the door for Satan’s intervention into their lives. Sickness has become a common phenomenon as the kingdom of evil takes control.
The coming of God’s kingdom has been a threat to the kingdom of evil. Where evil has taken over and brought sickness, God comes and brings deliverance from the works of the evil one. Thus the kingdom of God has become the force that pushes back the kingdom of evil.

  • As source of authority

As a child of God’s kingdom, we possess the authority needed to push back the powers of evil. Although that authority is not of our own power, we have been empowered by God to do the works of God. As a representative of the Kingdom, we have been authorized for this special task. The Kingdom of God is a source of authority for us.

  • As Empowerment

Although we have the authority given by God because of the Kingdom, we also have been given power to do God’s work on this earth. The power backs up the authority. The authority is valid because of the power is there in the background.
For example, a police officer in uniform may just need to put his hand out or blow his whistle to get the traffic to stop. Because of the authority vested in him, people will obey and stop their vehicles. But when there is a violation, then the uses the “power” available to him either in a weapon or a larger backup force. But under normal conditions, his authority is sufficient as the power is already there in the background.
Thus a proper understanding of the Kingdom of God and operating within that framework will help us in the process of healing. Embrace the Kingdom, and pray for healing.
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