Unbury the offense and unleash yourself

It stays buried. Hidden from you. You may not know it’s there. But it’s got you on a leash and leads you according to its wishes. You wonder why you responded as you did. It baffles you how you feel that anger swell up within you.
Offences are like parasites. But worse. They survive not only on your body but on your emotions as well. First they take over your emotions and lead you where it wants you to go.
All during that time it continues its work on your body. It often begins with the weakest link. You treat the symptoms not knowing the actual roots. Some go on living their entire lives not knowing what’s truly happening to them.
Unbury those offences within you and begin dealing with them. Your offenders have gone on with their lives but you’re still stuck. But you can be free. Totally free. But some of the physical effects may remain with you. So the earlier you get rid of the offences, the better it is.
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