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It’s hard to know if we should continue to follow up when someone doesn’t show up for a few weeks. Sometimes they are sick or they’re going through a severe financial crunch. There are lots of genuine reasons for not showing up in church. In those situations, a follow up phone call is a welcome and refreshing feature.

Sometimes you get these weird excuses. Finally you get to know from someone else that they’re attending somewhere else. That’s fine, but just let us know. Others do the opposite and bad-mouth you on the way out and continue to do so even after they’re gone.

Sorry. We were just trying to help. Maybe we “helped” too much. Maybe we tried to be Jesus for them and to do the work that the Holy Spirit does. Maybe God doesn’t need our help. We probably should keep pointing to Jesus. I suppose a healthy, “Holy Spirit” gap is needed between us and the people of God.

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