Things to Remember

  1. Use standard A-4 or letter size paper.

  2. The paper needs to be typed with a 12pt font.

  3. On the first page, give the title of your assignment/paper followed by your name, instructor’s name, class, and date.

  4. Use only one side of the paper; the other side should be left blank.

  5. Give one inch margins on all four sides of the page. Do not draw the margin lines, and do not write anything on the margin – including footnotes.

  6. Join the papers with a staple on the top left hand corner.

  7. Footnotes should be used whenever you are presenting the idea of another person.

  8. Do not plagiarize (copying directly from the books you are consulting). Plagiarism is a crime that we must take seriously. If you are caught, you will be fined Rs.1,000 payable to the FTS Scholarship Fund. When we copy directly from a book, we are in essence “stealing” from that author. Take the ideas presented by that author and put them in your own words. Even when you do this, make sure to footnote the reference that you used.

  9. When you present a phrase or sentence directly from a book, it should be in “quotes” and properly footnoted.

  10. The bibliography should include all sources you have consulted and quoted in your assignment.

  11. Use the proper format for the footnotes and bibliography. (Use this Turabian Quick guide)

  12. Ensure that all grammar and spelling errors are corrected.

  13. Put page numbers on the bottom right hand corner of each paper.

  14. Do not go beyond the assigned number of pages.

  15. Assignments are due according to the time given. Late assignments will be penalized with a loss of five points per calendar day.

Criteria for Evaluation of Assignments

1. Grammar, spelling, usage, footnotes, bibliography, etc.

2. Organization of materials and logical flow of argument – Proper introduction and Conclusion

3. Discussion of important themes and issues

4. Comprehension of the material and ability to think critically.

Resources for research and academic study: