Annie's Graduation

Hooding ceremony at Baccalaureate service

“Congratulations upon completion of your five year adventurous journey. Certainly it is a job well done.  You have ‘fought the good fight.’ You have finished well. May the Lord continue to use you more than ever before for His glory. So glad to share the journey with you!  Looking forward to all that God has for us in the future.”

Annie has been faithfully working away at this degree as we pastored the church, taught at Faith Seminary, and dealt with lots of important family issues.It was during her studies that both my parents became ill.  My mother struggled with cancer for over two years.  Annie stayed by her side and ministered to her till the end when my mother finally passed away.  Soon after, my father had kidney failure and had a long struggle with dialysis and treatments.  Annie spent lots of time at the hospital with him too.  Later he moved in with my brother Charlie when he and his wife took up much of the responsibility of taking care of him.  My father finally passed away and went to be with the Lord.  Also during the last five years, I had severe complications with my lower disks and had several situations where I was bed-ridden up to three months.  During these times, Annie dutifully took up the entire load of the household.  What a load to bear!  Yet she held on and kept up with all her responsibilities including being a good mother to two teenage children.Another important responsibility that she worked on was the children’s ministry of our church, Lifetime Vineyard.  Sunday School, VBS, and all other special events went on smoothly under her direction.  And oh, yes, Inner Healing and Deliverance sessions were not put aside either.  Her passion to see people delivered and live full lives for Christ kept her in that path too.  She has also spent lots of time one on with people personally and over the phone with many of the people of the church.Finally, it was during the same time that I was working on my studies at the University of South Africa.  Although much of my work was done by distance, that meant lots of my time spent with books as well, along with several weeks  in Bangalore and a few months in Kottayam working on my dissertation.  She took on a full load during all these times.  Now, she has completed the Ph.D. with flying colors…3.936 GPA…wow.  I am very proud of you my dear!
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