Sitting in the Silence: The Inner Monologue

This week we have a guest post by Zaida Warner. Zaida is a Christian Life Coach, Writer & Speaker and has been a ministry leader at Miami Vineyard Community Church for the past 5 years. Visit her blog at
Have you ever just sat and listen to the silence? It’s never silent. It’s like a rush of thought waves that crash against your brain, at least for me it is. I jump from thought to thought as they enter and they begin to drive me crazy. With that said, I will share that those that know me can agree, I do not like to be by myself. I still find it difficult sometimes to go anywhere alone even as simple as getting a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop but God has pushed and probed me to overcome that. I have come to learn over time how to control my thoughts, categorize those thoughts and instead begin an inner monologue with Christ when I find myself sitting in silence. I start to speak with Him about those thoughts, fears and emotions that begin to overwhelm me. The great thing is that God always has a solution and a response. There are so many things He wants to share with us that if only we took a moment to listen in the silence, the world around us would become a little bit easier to cope with.
Time with Him can take place anywhere: In the car, on your porch or backyard and YES even at your desk at work. It’s learning to tune out the world, control your thoughts and tune in to what God has to say to you at that moment. God has shown me that I am never alone and has taught me to enjoy that silence and alone time because it is so needed. I now look forward to those moments any time I can get them especially when you are a busy mommy of 3 like me!
Read: Lamentations 3:26, Proverbs 17:28, Romans 10:17
Prayer: Father God, thank you for always being by my side and never leaving me alone. Thank you for reminding me that even though I may see the chaos that surrounds me, you continue to bring peace inside of me. Help me to continue to cherish my moments of silence with you and speak to me words of wisdom, knowledge and strength. My hope is in you Lord all the days of my life.
Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE.
Reflection Questions: What thoughts rush into your mind when you sit in silence? Now begin your inner monologue with Christ and tell Him about those thoughts. How do you feel when you spend that time with Him?
*Remember God does not expect a specific amount of time spent with Him because once we accept Jesus as our Christ and Savior, every moment is a moment with Him. There is power in His name…Jesus!
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