Ever Wonder if God Knows What He is Doing With Your Life?

We were all students struggling to work and pay our own way through our Masters program. The pressures mounted even more as our final exams were just a week away.


A few of us gathered to pray and we shared our struggles. One person, as he shared his troublesome predicament, blurted out loud “I just hope God knows what he is doing.” Then there was silence. We all looked at each other wondering what we just heard. One person said to him “What did you just say?” Then he realized what he said and corrected himself “Well…I suppose God does know what he is doing.”

I’ve looked back to that incident many times over the years and realized that I’m no different. It’s so difficult to trust, and so easy to complain. Although our situation may not be so severe, we have much in common with Job who said “Today also my complaint is bitter; my hand is heavy on account of my groaning. Oh, that I knew where I might find him, that I might come even to his seat! I would lay my case before him and fill my mouth with arguments.” (Job 23:1-4)

As we increase our words of complaint and gather with others who do, we get sucked into an irresistible current that pulls us down. As Job sat with his friends, they did not help his situation at all. They simply confused the whole situation. Job complained, and his friends condemned! What a combination to get tangled up in.

I’m grateful for the few who are willing to call us into account for our complaining attitude. They stop us in our tracks and ask “What did you just say?” Then, the silence obviously proves the point.

Yes, God is our heavenly father and we have the option to come before him and complain. But we need to move away from that complaining mode as quickly as possible and move into the place of trust in our Father who is truly in control.

Have you had an amusing experience of complaining?

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