How to Handle God's Silence in Your Life

Do you remember the time you called your friend and got no response? Calls were unanswered, emails ignored, and missed calls were not returned. Maybe they are just busy – you know their schedule. Then you wonder if this “silence” is intentional or unintentional. Maybe they are upset with you regarding something. Maybe its nothing to worry about at all. Everything is fine. Whatever the case, it troubles you considerably.
That Eerie Feeling
There are times when our prayers seem to go nowhere. The lack of response from God troubles our hearts more than anything else. We wonder if God has forgotten us. We consider the possibility that God is angry with us. Surely there must be a reason for this divine silence.
What’s the purpose of His silence?
Sometimes, God’s silence allows us time to think and to learn. That divine silence allows us to experience – for a brief time – what it is to live without God’s guidance. It can be an eerie feeling, like the “calm before the storm.” But quickly we realize that God’s voice is truly essential.
God also waits in silence for our response, for our obedience. In essence, “the ball is in our court.” He has done a tremendous work in our hearts, and now it is up to us to obey. God waits in silence since it is “our move” now. Certainly it is a divine silence of expectation.
Here is the scary part of God’s silence
The most dangerous form of God’s silence is when he allows us to have our own way. He has spoken to us on numerous occasions, but we have failed to obey. We’ve had our own agenda, and we wonder why God is disturbing us. So God steps back and allows us to live and experience life without his guidance. Although this may seem like a favorable option for a time, we soon run into danger. We continue in our own way until we realize that what we needed all along was his voice.
God is not angry with us
In his silence, he simply waits for our return. God is not angry with us. Many fail to return to God thinking that he is angry with them because of their lack of obedience. They wonder if God will accept them back. Rather than being angry, he is like a hopeful parent waiting for the children to return home where they belong. No matter how late it is, he is waiting, ready to open the door.
God’s silence – for any reason – is his choice. Job experienced that in his own life and he responded: “When he is quiet who can condemn? When he hides his face, who can behold him, whether it be a nation or a man? (Job 34:29)
Our obligation
Although we don’t have the option to question God regarding his silence, we have the obligation to return. We return not for his benefit, but for our sustenance and future. That eerie divine silence may mean several things, but certainly we are to learn the lessons of life and quickly return to him.
How have you responded to God’s silence?
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