Through my years of being a pastor, I’ve learned a lot about what not to do as well as what to do. Each year was a learning experience as I have ministered on two continents. In both situations, I have learned much over these years, but the most important lesson is that the pastoral ministry and the local church are not to be ignored. God has a great plan for the local church, and he will use pastors who are selflessly committed to the task.

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  1. Know who you are and what you are passionate about.

If you don’t recognize who you are and what is important to you, you will always remain unstable. This unstability will cause you to vacilate in the midst of important decisions that need to be made in your leadership.

  1. Be sure of your calling and know who called you.

Whenever people tell me they feel called to ministry, I ask them to have it confirmed. You’ve got to be sure of your calling and be firm that God has called you to the pastoral ministry.

  1. Listen to everyone but follow your heart.

Be open to listen to every kind of idea and opinion. But as you do that, be sure to follow your heart. Of course, this implies you know what your heart tells you. Calm yourself down each day and listen. Listen intently for the voice of the Holy Spirit as he speaks to your heart. Ultimately it is that voice that you must heed.

  1. Turn rare commodities into common items

Sometimes we see people who use their spiritual gifts to gain prominence and recognition. Those particular giftings are seen as rare commodities in churches. But when we train a large number of people to operate in their spiritual gifts, the situation changes. All of a sudden, that which was rare becomes a common aspect. The same principle can be used with leadership, teaching, preaching, serving, or other practices. Make it common and ordinary.

  1. Genuinely love people .

It is imperative that you as the pastor love the people and express it in a genuine way. If you can’t or don’t experss it genuinely, then they may never sense it.

  1. Stay out of politics even if it kills you

Politics will kill your vison. Once your vision is gone, you are just as good as dead.

  1. Plan on staying for a long time in the same church.

Just as the concept of follow-through is important in sports, it is vital in your pastoral ministry. Be willing to stick it out in the long run.

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