Why Do We Try To Defend God?

When someone speaks against God or the church, we may feel offence or fear. Obviously something important and dear to our hearts is being put down.
god laughs
Some are quick to respond in defence of God or the faith. These responses may end up in arguments that lead nowhere. The response may be verbal, through writing, or through social media.
There is an internal fear that causes us to respond when someone speaks against God or the church. We fear that God’s name or honor may be defamed. Our own reputation may be on the line due to the attacks.
But why the fear? Could it be a lack of trust in God and his ability to handle his own reputation and that of his church?
I acknowledge the value of apologetics and how it can positively impact young minds that are truly inquisitive and impressionable. But here, I am referring to our personal reactionary response which possibly comes from fear.
The Psalmist has an interesting take on this. He sets the stage where nations and their kings are all set against God. They speak arrogantly against God. For God, it looks like there is trouble on every side, and the odds are stacked against Him.
God’s response is given quite simply and directly. “He who sits in the heavens laughts; the Lord holds them in derision” (Psalm 2:4).
This obviously implies that God sees the taunts and words of his enemies as simply comical. He is not at all worried about his reputation or his kingdom.
I suggest we take God’s approach. When you hear someone speaking against God or his church, let’s take a step back and think twice before responding.
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