Just You and God – Meditation

“Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day” (Psalm 119:97)

Day by day, we face numerous issues that deter us from our focus. The events of the day seem to control us. Emotions vacillate from one extreme to another. Tension gradually builds as control slips out of our hands.


By hearing God’s voice and direction each day, we can reduce the chances of being controlled by circumstances. His words can be a guiding light that leads us through the day and throughout our journey of life. I wish to present to you a simple three step process of meditating on God’s Word and for hearing His voice each day.

The instructions given below are derived from the concept of Lectio Divina (Latin word for Divine Reading). The roots of this practice of meditation go back to the 3rd century. You can read further about its background at this link. Some have called it Time Alone With God to emphasize the relational aspect of our meditation.

Three R’s For Meditation

1. Read and reflect

  • Get ready. Find a suitable place.

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to come.

  • Read one chapter, section or paragraph from the Bible.

  • Listen for God’s still small voice as you read.

  • Select one verse and read it several times.

  • Focus on one word or phrase out of that verse.

  • Listen to God’s voice about that word or phrase as it applies to your life.

2. Respond and pray

  • Prayer is a conversation with God. Pause and listen to him.

  • From the verse you are meditating on, God will speak to you about the following matters:

S  –  sins to confess

P  –  promises to accept

A  –  attitudes to change

C  –  commands to obey

E  –  examples to follow

  • Silence and stillness of the soul are important aspects of prayer.

  • Alternate between silence, words, and contemplative reading as you return to the text.

3. Record and Revisit

  • In a notebook, write the date and text you read.

  • Write down what God spoke to you.

  • Record your response.

  • Share it on social media so others can benefit. 
  • Throughout the day, revisit your conversation with God by reviewing what God spoke.

  • Allow God to integrate his words into your life as you face life and all its difficulties.

I hope this simple three step process (or something similar) can become a daily process for you. After you do this today, please post your response in the comments about what God spoke to you. 

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