Four Steps to Fulfilling Your Role

Your role in this world is important. It’s time for you to step up to the responsibility. People all around you are waiting for someone to lead them. I like the example of Barnabas because he was a common person with a good reputation who mentored others by teaching and leading them. You can read about how Barnabas lived out these qualities at this link.
There are many who are driven by the need to be heard, to be famous, or to make a name for themselves. But you must be different. Take the example of Barnabas and be an enabler. We can take four important tips from the life of Barnabas: Be reputable, be a mentor, be a teacher, and be a leader.
Be Reputable
Build reputation through consistency and longevity. Keep on doing what you do for a long time. When you are consistent, people can count on you. They become comfortable around you. Longevity brings a similar response. It’s not a matter of being perfect, it’s a matter of showing up. Again and again, month after month, year after year, continue to perform your task with faithfulness.
Be A Mentor
In a rapidly changing society, there is a great need for mentoring. People are more independent than ever before, but they still long for role models and mentors. The frequent and drastic shifts in society create a vacuum that must be filled. Mentors are like anchors that hold the ship in turbulent weather. Many are waiting for people like you to stand up and be an anchor, a mentor they can count on.
Be a Teacher
From your childhood, you have been learning. Formal learning in the classroom coupled with your life experiences has produced within you an increasing amount of knowledge. Be generous and share what you know. People are eager to learn more than ever before. Take a bold step and begin sharing what you know.
Be a Leader
I’ve heard it said that leaders don’t need to know everything. They just need to know the next step. In a world that is vast and confusing, your leadership is important. People are waiting for someone to lead them. You have what it takes. Just being one or two steps ahead of others qualifies you to lead.
Whatever profession you are in, you can be a Barnabas. Every profession needs reputable mentors, teachers, and leaders. Begin seeing yourself differently.
Here are some practical ways you can begin to take a step. Begin with your profession, your passion, or things you enjoy doing the most.

  • Start a small group
  • Spend personal time with those who are struggling
  • Write short notes or articles on common struggles
  • Start a blog and begin sharing your knowledge and experience

In what ways do you think you can be a Barnabas?
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