That Gripping Fear

As the train approached the platform, the little boy was excited and began walking toward the moving train. The mother yelled at him and the boy immediately turned back toward the mother. But as he walked back, he placed one hand over his head and the other one over his face. As soon as he moved his hand, the mother slapped him several times on his head and face.
I was surprised at the reaction of this boy as well as his mother’s mode of discipline. I suppose she could have sat him down and explained the dangerous situation to him. Unfortunately this was not her way of discipline.
So it seems the boy got what he expected: a full round of slapping from head to face. His quick reactions showed that he’s quite familiar with this from his early childhood. Fear has developed in his mind and whenever he faces his mother in a difficult situation, fear takes over his reactions.
When this boy grows up, it’s quite possible for this fear to take control of his reactions in other areas of life as well. This fear will cause him to be insecure when he needs to make decisions. Fear may become the forefront aspect of his personality.
Due to various reasons, many of us, just like that boy, are riddled with fear and the inability to make firm decisions. But the Bible says: “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” It is this Spirit, God’s Spirit, that gives us confidence in life.
So next time you are about to make a decision and you begin to stall – check your heart. See if you sense fear rising within you. Begin to identify that fear. Don’t let it go undetected and uncontrolled. Look at it right in the face and begin to deal with it. Next week, we’ll look at some steps to overcome fear.
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