Life seems to be a rat race running after those things that will make our life better, easier, simpler, and hopefully normal. That struggle puts us in more of an emotional dilemma than we can imagine.

As we consistently pray for the sick, we see there are so many struggling with stress and unresolved issues from the past. Most of these come from unmet expectations about life, and others struggle with unresolved issues from the past.

We have an ideal in our minds about how life ought to be. That ideal is determined by various factors such as media, friends, and family. Our striving for these ideals puts us right in the middle of a rat race where we don’t belong.

When God comes, there will be a day that redefines what we consider to be normal. What we know about the various effects of nature such as light and darkness, cold and heat, summer and winter, and all other factors will be redefined by God. It will be a unique day, and God will be king of all. (Zech 14:6-9)

So what about your unmet expectations of life? Unresolved issues and questions? Let’s reevaluate the value of these things in light of the future where God redefines everything. He will be king of all.

Your thoughts?

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