How Your Greatest Asset Can be Ignored

So there he stands. Rejected, ignored, and fooled by our shallow promises. Jesus gave us his love, his promises, and ultimately himself. But we just don’t think of him much.
Just Too Busy
We haven’t rejected God. It’s just that we have been so busy with all our “important” matters. And truly they are important. In our busy life, we have just missed the great privilege of our relationship with God.
He wants to have a close and intimate relationship with us. Naturally we would have all the benefits of such a relationship. But we’ve been too busy.
Right Intentions
But all the “doing” was really for God. We live to glorify God. We work to please God. We do it all in his name and for his honor. But we’ve missed God.
We have no one to blame for the losses and brokenness we face. We have ignored God and his requirements (Hos 4:6).
Grab the Opportunity
Remind yourself that the greatest asset in your life is your relationship with God. No other relationship on earth is so valuable. Keep God in the forefront of your thoughts and your daily activities.
In every struggle, make a short one sentence prayer your connection with God. Throughout the day, speak to him briefly and express your joys, frustrations and thoughts. He is waiting. Will you connect with him?
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