What My Stolen Motorcycle Taught Me About Holiness

I bought the motorcycle with hard earned money from my night job as I attended college during the day. I purchased it used, but it seemed to be exactly what I would have chosen, had I bought it new. I lived on campus, and I rode it for work, church, and outreach events. On my days off, it was my companion as I rode up the mountains and found a pleasant spot for me to read and relax.
Surprised by What I Didn’t See
But one day I walked outside for a trip into town, but my motorcycle wasn’t there. Something sank within me. Thinking my friends might be playing a prank, I checked the entire campus. But it was no where.
About two days later, I received a call from the police department. They found my motorcycle and I needed to go to pick it up immediately. When I arrived and saw it’s condition, a mix of sadness and anger gripped my heart.
Shattered by What I Saw
This vehicle that I paid for dearly was abused in ways I could never imagine. It was driven through fields and dropped on both sides. Used for purposes it was never designed for, it was damaged beyond what my heart could bear. I was deeply saddened to see the misuse. I was full of anger that my possession was used without my consent.
An Awesome Plan
When God redeemed us with the precious blood of Jesus, he set us apart solely for his purposes. We now belong to him and him only. The concept of holiness was developed from the Old Testament as vessels were set apart only for the purposes of the temple. Those vessels were considered to be holy. It had nothing to do with perfection or sinlessness. It had everything to do with setting apart those vessels only for the purposes of the temple and in the service of God. When used for any other purpose, it was defiled and was in need of cleansing and restoration.
God’s Shattered Heart
In a similar way, God has set us apart as holy for himself. Our life is to be used for no other purpose except him and him only. But when we engage in things that are not for the purposes God has for us, we are defiling ourselves and deviating from God’s plan for us. This situation surely shatters the heart of God. He paid a precious price to redeem us and purchase us for himself.
This was a similar experience I had as I looked at my motorcycle, all battered and abused. I remember thinking: “This was not the way I used my vehicle.” That was not the purpose nor the plan I had for my property.
God feels the same way with us as we refuse to live our lives in His way. Living life entirely for him is what makes us “holy.”
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