Rebuild Your Relationships With a New Focus

Recently my wife and I prayed with a couple in their 60’s. They’ve been married for 37 years and now they are ready to part ways.
Both are sure that the other person is the cause of all their troubles. If the other person would just straighten up, they feel their marriage and life will be just fine.
Their home life has lacked sufficient connection since the time of their marriage. Recently, some financial emergencies brought these deeper issues to the surface.
It took almost two hours before they were convinced that there is hope for them. Lots of changes must take place in their home and relationship within the next few months. But before any of that can occur, there must be a change in their minds.
They are both determined to change the other person. But they only have the power to change themselves. With the help of God, through the constant presence of the Holy Spirit, changes can take place.
Their minds can be transformed. Their behaviors can be altered. Habits can change. Expectations can be refocused. After a long time of discussion and prayer, it was a relief that they have taken the decision to move forward. Forward towards hope and a future.
Maybe your relationships have not reached the extreme situation that this couple struggles with. It may not be an issue with your spouse, but rather your colleague, boss, neighbor, friend, or another relationship that is strained.
You’ve wondered how to move ahead with this relationship. Should you walk away, fight, or persist and expect restoration.
Remember, God is faithful. He is working on each one of us, transforming us into His image. Give him time and the permission to mold us and change us in every way. You will see the changes begin to take place in your relationships.

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