4 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Small Group

4 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Small Group

I remember the young couple that came to church shy and withdrawn. They both seemed unsure of themselves. They’d hardly look at anyone’s face nor speak to others.  

Soon after they came, we got them connected to a small group near their home. Now after after a few years, they lead a small group on their own. They reach out to the needy in their community and they’re a blessing to the church.

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Some of the basic aspects of life are best learned and developed through involvement with a small group of people. We can develop relationships, reach out to others, and develop ourselves in the context of a small group. Here below are some ways you can benefit from being part of a small group.

1. Relationships

By nature, we are relational beings. Although there is great value in solitude, relationships are an important key to our vitality.

In a small group, the family we mentioned above were loved, cared for, and developed. They had a chance to be open with others enough for them to share their deepest problems and fears.

The relationships they developed over the years were valuable. These relationships became an important source of support as their children grew and they went through a major transformation as a family.

Outside the church, they had never experienced the benefit of such a group. They had various circles of friendships, but none benefitted their entire family as well as this small group.

2. Personal Development

The initial fear they had of facing people disappeared enough for them to meet new people in their community. Now they reach out to those in need by meeting their physical as well as their spiritual needs.

They now have a larger “family” to care for them and to back them up.  Decision making is different now. They share with the group and receive advice, care, and instruction. I’ve even watched how some of the older ones corrected them in rare situations. Because of the depth of their relationship, it was well received.

3. Leadership Development

Although they formerly struggled to take care of their own family, thing are now different. They don’t have a perfect family, but things are much more stable than ever before. They are able to manage their own family affairs without unhealthy dependence on others.

In addition to taking care of their family well, they take care of a small group. It is great to see them taking responsibility for several others. It has been a delight to see the gradual development over the years for this family.

4. Outreach

There was a time when this family was focused on themselves and their needs. They required constant care, attention, and prayer. Their need for survival was the predominant issue for them and they couldn’t think beyond themselves.

But now, they as a family reach out to others in their community like never before. Whenever they approach me now, it is with a request for prayer. But not for themselves, but for others they are ministering to and caring for.

I don’t mind such requests for prayer, since they are now outwardly focused. This has been a wonderful transformation that I believe is best seen through involvement in a small group.

In a large group, such people simply “fall through the cracks” and never get mentored. But in a healthy small group with proper focus, we see such exemplary benefits.

Your Turn

This is all the reason for you to join a small group. If a group is not available to you, why don’t you take the initiative and start your own. Make sure it is sufficently connected to your local church and stay within the authority structure of the local church. But by all means, take the initiative and start one.


Small Groups, Big Impact by Jim Egli

Successful Small Groups by Paul Yongi Cho

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