How to Nurture New Believers in Small Groups

Becoming a child of God is the greatest privilege one can experience. Accepting the invitation through faith in Jesus is not a religious decision but a relationship. It is that relationship that needs to be nurtured.

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Because a new believer has begun a new relationship with God, they are best nurtured through relationships. This person’s relationship to the small group and to a local church is vital for their growth. Effective nurture can be pursued through one person who can be a mentor to this person. Clearly identify a mature person who can relate and faithfully guide this new believer.


This mentor can be the key person to guide the new believer through three important aspects of this new relationship. This person needs a healthy relationship with God, other believers, and the community. Without a proper relationship in these three areas, the new believer’s faith becomes shallow. Their most vital relationship is with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Their relationship with God is evidenced through a proper relationship with other believers. When these two relationships are genuine, the love and concern for the community will be natural


In the small group, make sure to model these three relationships. Let people see what it is to develop an ongoing personal relationship with God. Give opportunities for them to relate with other believers in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Bring in actual stories of how the community is impacted through relationships from this small group.

Let the caring relationships within the group be the launching pad for this new believer. As they navigate through the painful and difficult circumstances of life, the mentor along with the group will help his person to keep their eyes on Jesus.

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