4 Reasons We Get Trapped by Our Choices

“You people die healthy, I'm gonna die happy.” This was the response of a young man enjoying a fat greasy burger, fries, and a large drink. He was sitting in the employee lounge with a group of people who were mostly eating healthy food. When they told him about the benefits of eating healthy, those words were his response.

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I just read a quote on Zig Ziglar’s Facebook page that says “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.” Perfect timing since I was about to write on Hosea 8:7a “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

From ancient days, this truth has been a standard. This concept was probably developed from the agricultural past of our ancestors. Even now, this remains true, and we still struggle to live by it. It seems we are trapped by our choices. Here are four reasons why we seem to fall into this trap.

1. We think choices imply permission

This may be a logical fallacy on our part. In essence, “what else is a choice for but to take it?” We assume that if the option is open and available, then it is there for our purpose. We jump to a conclusion and make the choice without thinking through the consequences.

2. We have not been taught how to make choices

This is a common struggle of people who had parents who were too controlling. Many domineering parents are like that for the good of their children. They want to protect them from harmful decisions. But this approach makes them unable to make intelligent choices as adults in the future.

3. The losses we face cause us to think we deserve some things

Those who experience numerous losses in their childhood may grow up with a scarcity perspective. So, when choices are available for them, they jump to decisions without sufficient thought. It is as if these are opportunities to make up for the losses they have faced.

4. Consequences are not clear to us 

We may be blinded to negative consequences due to various reasons such as inexperience, lack of good advice, or simply ignorance. Such a lack of clarity about the consequences of our choices will definitely make us vulnerable to making the wrong choices. We may opt for whatever appeals to our senses at that moment in time.

As God’s creation, the choices we have in life are a gift to us. The world was created with plenty of variety and choices. Make sure to avoid the dangers and stay away from the traps. But feel free to explore your choices and take your liberty.

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