You – Guilty Again

Our understanding of God is often tainted with our experiences of caregivers from our childhood. If we had impatient, judgmental parents, we may see God like that. We may not remember all our experiences from childhood, but we continue to see God as impatient and unforgiving.


It’s that feeling of constant guilt. Surely you’ve done something wrong. Again. There must be something wrong with your actions. You can’t feel accepted because of the constant guilt you feel within. Surely you must be guilty since you feel guilty.

Seems Like a Useless Pursuit

Some gave up trying to please their parents a long time ago. They also have given up trying to please their heavenly father. They figure it’s no use, God will never be satisfied. No one else seems to be satisfied with me, so God surely will not be satisfied.

We figure since God is who he is, holy and righteous, He definitely won’t be satisfied. I’m too inconsistent, sinful, and always bent on a selfish angle. There is no hope for me.

A Turning Point

It was just a few years ago that I realized that God is pleased with me just because I am his child. I suppose this idea came alive in me when our kids began going off to college, and the house began to get empty. Thoughts of our children triggered thoughts of me and my heavenly Father.

God is Infinitely Pleased With Me

What a thought – what a discovery. My Father is infinitely pleased with me just because I am His. If my life amounts to “nothing” according to other people’s standards, He is still pleased. If I don’t accomplish anything of significance in life, I am still His child, and that’s enough.

For some, this may seem like a license to live as one pleases. But maybe this is the case. We can live as we please. As an adult, I have the complete freedom to live as I please to. And what does a child of God please to do except to please the Father?

Imperfect, and Accepted

Sure, I won’t be perfect in what I do, especially in my pursuit to please my Father. But that’s okay, since I know He is already pleased. My attempts are less than perfect, and I will falter and have many failed attempts. But none of those things matter. I am already accepted by my Father.

Nothing New – God Was Always Like That

God said to the Israelites that he will not respond in burning anger, for he is God and not a man (Hos 11:9). For many people, this is a new Understanding. They thought of God as they thought of their parents and other caregivers.

We need a completely renewed understanding and experience of God. Right now, He is bending down to comfort, feed, and surround you with “bands of love” as He did with the Israelites (Hos 11:4).

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