Reduced to Greatness

You know what needs to be done, and you know the best approach. As a leader, you know the next step. For your home, you know what needs to be done. For your children, you know the best approach, and you know how to direct them.


When Your Plans are Shattered

But things have changed now. Your situation just won’t allow you to move according to your plan. Your ideal is shattered. Your plans are thwarted. What you thought to be your best option has become your worst.

Now you look back on your life and wonder how things ended up like this. Your possibilities have been reduced to practically nothing. It's impossible for you to accomplish anything with your life as it is.

When Your Best is Reduced

Gideon was ready with an army of 32,000. He was ready to defeat the Midianite army that was too strong for them. He knew his military needs to be large and strong to fight such an army.

But God determined that his army of 32,000 was too large and needed to be resized. The size was reduced to 300 – practically nothing. Impossible to defeat anyone, especially that strong army of the Midianites. When the victory is gained with such a small number, the people would not be able to say that they defeated their enemy with their own might (Judges 7:2).

When God's Ways Cause More Stress

I wonder how Gideon felt as he marched forward with a measly 300 untrained, unequipped men ready to go against this powerful force. I wonder about the extreme level of stress and fear that he must have felt as he moved forward with a "foolish" plan that anyone would laugh at. Yes, God said He will be with Gideon, but when he faces the Midianites, who knows what the situation will be? The Midianites were fierce and powerful. They terrorized Israel for a long time.

God wasn’t interested in keeping up his popularity. He just wanted Gideon and the Israelites to know that their lives are in the hands of God. He has the ultimate power and control much beyond what we know.

When God's Reduction Increases Your Distress

What is your situation now? What are your impossibilities? Has God reduced you to nothing? All your assets and all that you thought you have going for you might have become without value. Now, you approach your tasks wondering if you can ever accomplish what you need to do. You begin to feel like you are in a more difficult situation than before.

When It's Time to Give Up

This is the best time for God to do his work. It's not that He is looking to get recognition and glory. He naturally deserves all the credit. When we get the glory, it is improper and undeserved. It's time to give up the striving and let God take over.  

When It's God's Turn

Learn to see God in the losses you face. When everything falls apart, look up and see the work of God. When you don't know where to turn, know that this is the best time to turn and allow God to take over. The results may not be as appealing as you would like. But God is there. It's His turn to take over. In the midst of being stripped of everything, allow God to take over. That will prove to be your time of greatness.

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