How YOU Benefit by Leading a Small Group

I know. You’ve always wondered about those groups with Bibles open, and people staring at the ceiling, bored to death. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can have fruitful times of discussion and interaction with people and with God. In that process, I believe that you will benefit as you lead a small group.
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Here are a few reasons why I believe you will benefit from leading a small group:
1. Relationships are Enhanced
As you relate with people of all ages and backgrounds, your relationships will certainly be enhanced. Although we gravitate towards people who are similar to us, we are more enhanced as we connect with people who are different. As “Iron sharpens iron,” we sharpen each other. Differences cause difficulties, and those difficulties develop us too.
Your entire family will benefit, especially the children. Regular, close and personal interaction with people who are different will help children to develop their personal skills as well. They learn to understand and accept people who are different from themselves as well.
The relationships you develop through these groups will prove to be long lasting and meaningful. Years down the road, you will benefit from having a growing number of people around you that you have been able to impact and bless.
2. Sense of Purpose is Fulfilled
As we gradually begin to impact the lives of people, our sense of purpose will be fulfilled. Otherwise, we get trapped in the mundane everyday tasks of taking care of our own stuff for the sake of ourselves. As important as this is, many get disillusioned just performing the daily routine of survival.
When you lead a small group, you get the opportunity to get involved in the lives of many people. You are going beyond just your personal survival – you are making a difference in the lives of others.
The Great Commission is not only for the church as an “organization.” Rather, it is for each of us. Each one of us are expected to do our part in the mandate to make disciples of Jesus. Small groups are an excellent way to reach out to friends of friends and impact our communities.
3. Leadership Skills are Improved
There are numerous reasons why people back off from leading small groups. Here are just a few genuine reasons:
“What’s the point? Its just a group of people getting together to waste time.”
“People are a headache. It’s not worth getting tangled up in that mess.”
“There are no long term benefits. Most of what happens in groups is short lived.”
“My home is not suitable”
“I don’t have the time. I’m too busy with more important things.”
“I tried one before and it didn’t work.”
“I can’t stand screaming kids.”
“There are too many abuses with small groups.”
While these reasons are genuine, I believe those are the very reasons why you should take the risk and begin a group. You will be amazed at the benefits you get out of this as well as blessing the lives of the people in your group.
I see a leadership shift for you as you venture out and take this important risk. Those objections may point to a need for a leadership shift for you. Facing that need head on will help you fulfill that need.
Starting, maintaining, and leading a small group will dramatically increase your leadership skills. People are waiting for you to take the challenge and lead them. Don’t wait till you are a good leader. That proper timing you were waiting for is now, not tomorrow.
Will you take the challenge? Talk to your pastor, and begin to gather your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who would join you for a weekly gathering.
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