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We have come to the final post of our series Four Roles of a Small Group Leader. Now we’ll look at the fourth role, Small Group Leader as Leader. For the rest of the articles in this series, you can search “Small Groups” in the categories on the right hand column of the blog (or below for mobile browsers).
Four Roles of a Small Group Leader (Click to open each article)
1. Facilitator – Meetings
2. Shepherd – Care
3. Mentor – Training
4. Leader – Vision
In the leadership role, one has the great opportunity to pass on vision and give direction to the group. The vision for the small group may be provided by the church which the group is part of. But it is the role of the group leader to take the church’s vision and adapt it to the small group.
There are many things a small group can do. Numerous opportunities will present itself as the group progresses. But your responsibility is to make sure the group stays set on accomplishing its vision through every activity.
A group whose purpose is clearly expressed will have better focus. Without proper focus the people will quickly lose interest. The purpose and direction of the group needs to be clear and should be articulated clearly on a regular basis. As the leader, people look to you for direction.
For so many people, life is full of struggles. They desperately need a helping hand. Lead the people in caring for each other. Your care for them is important. But when the members of the group care for each other, the benefits are tremendous.
Some groups are very good with care. They wholeheartedly care for their members. But they neglect reaching out to others. Groups that become ingrown never last.
For many people, outreach doesn’t come naturally. You need to lead them in doing outreach. Give them the reasons for doing outreach, provide opportunities, and join them in the process.
Being the leader of a small group goes much beyond just leading the weekly meetings. As a leader, you take on the more comprehensive role of providing direction for the group according to the vision you have.
As we conclude this series, here is brief snippet of what we covered:
Four Roles of a Small Group Leader
1. Facilitator – Meetings
As the Facilitator, the leader takes responsibility of the weekly meetings. You lead the group “seamlessly” through the various aspects of the meeting. Ultimately, you hope to see lives changed and friends of each group member come to a relationship with Christ.
2. Shepherd – Care
As a Shepherd, you lead the group to care for each other. This care may include aspects of emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. You are developing a caring community.
3. Mentor – Training
As a Mentor, you come alongside each member as they navigate life. You help them with their spiritual life and be a leader to them in the areas where they need help.
4. Leader – Vision
As a Leader, you have the role of providing direction to the group through proper application of the Vision of the group. Make sure everything the group does will work to accomplish the vision.
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