Seven Things I’ve Learned About Being a Student

For some people, student life was ages ago, and for others, their life revolves around being a student. Recently I sat down and calculated the number of years of my formal education after High School. I’m not going to tell you the numbers, but I think its crazy! Along the way, I’ve learned some things about being a student. Here are my top seven.


1. Know where you're headed

Learning should not be just to get a degree or to attain a status. Set a target of where you want to be in fifteen years. Your studying should be focused on that goal up ahead.

2. Learn the options of how you'll get there

Your learning should be seen as one of the aspects of reaching your target that you want to reach in the future. Maybe this particular course of study is sufficient. Sometimes, you may need to finish this and move on to another degree, or get some experience before moving on to another degree.

3. Get experience while you study

If possible, work part-time within your field while you study. This will surely enhance your educational experience as you are directly applying what you learn as you learn. For some people this may not be an option, but summer vacation could be an option to work or volunteer your time.

4. Learn to be a good learner from other good learners

Now, you may be a good learner getting the good grades, and this point may not be for you. But for the many who are not, this advice is for you. Search out the better learners and find out how they learn. How do they take notes? Observe how they study various topics for assignments and papers. Learn how they compile the material they collect and put them together in a logical order.

5. Focus on the Learning rather than the grades or degrees

Enjoy the learning process. Learning, growing, and developing in each generation is a gift that God has given to the human race. Embrace it, and enjoy it. It is a gift from God.

6. Set your priorities

While you are a student, many things will pull you in different directions. There are many important things to do and to be involved in, but you must set priorities. Focus on your studies and only on things that benefit your studies. Your years as a student are limited. So give the priority it deserves during this time.

7. Respect your teachers

The rate of advancement and growth in each generation is increasing. This means you may be more "advanced" in many things than your teachers. Don't let that cause you to look down on your teachers. You have much to gain from their wisdom and experience. Learn to value their input as an important part of your future.

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