Three Benefits of Fighting With God

You’ve always seen problems as your enemy. But think again. Sure, no one wants a life of trouble, but let’s face it, problems are guaranteed. There’s no way around that.
God has been trying to speak to you through the problems you face. But you’ve fought with God repeatedly. He has asked you to submit yourself to Him in total surrender, but you are not convinced that this is the best approach.
So you fight with God by not allowing Him to take the lead. You think that you just need to try a little harder next time. God said, “No, let me take the lead.” Then you said, “No way, it’s my life and I’ll fix it.”
As God spoke to Israel through Hosea, He reminded them of their forefather Jacob who fought with God. At various points in life, Jacob ran from his problems. Instead of allowing God to handle the difficulties of life, Jacob jumped into the situation and used all the tricks he knew. But at each point, God met him and affirmed His covenant and sufficiency to carry him through.
At each point of struggle and conflict, God took Jacob’s relationship with Him to the next level (Hos 12:3-6).
Here are three ways you benefit from “fighting” with God.

  1. Understanding Self

The struggles you face will bring you to a much better self understanding. But you thought, “I know myself better than others know me.” But maybe that is not an accurate statement. God knows you best, and He wants to reveal some things within you that is hidden from you. Until you come to realize and accept those things, there is no moving forward. You’ll just continue spinning your wheels.  
Nowhere in scripture do we see Jacob’s struggles described as a wasted attempt by God. God was bringing him to the point of self-realization where he would be able to acknowledge his need for God. But he continued for a long time without realizing that need.

  1. Understanding God’s Sufficiency

Once you begin understanding yourself…then the real problem begins. What do you do about the brokenness within you? You’ve always handled your situation without the help of others. So you set out to move forward with more vigour than ever before, still unable to handle the things within you.
God wants to step into your life, your brokenness. But you’ve got to trust Him and believe that He is sufficient to handle any and every situation. Since your situation has left you scarred with a feeling of hopelessness, you wonder if God can really help.
Jacob also needed to learn that God was sufficient to deal with the difficulties that he faced. Because of Jacob’s intense capabilities with people, he thought that he needed to help God. But God didn’t need Jacob’s help. God is able to bring good in Jacob’s life without any help.

  1. Understanding Your Need to Give Up

Finally, it’s time to give up. Yes, really. Give up with your attempts in your own way, and allow God to take the lead. Slow down and listen for His still small voice. Invite God into the deepest parts of your personhood. In every area of pain and struggle, ask God to step in and bring healing. Ask Him to take the lead as you take a step back and rest in Him.
What’s your struggle today? If you run, run to God. If you fall, fall at God’s feet. If you fight, fight with God…He’ll pin you down and speak to you. In every struggle, connect with God. Your relationship with Him will move to the next level.
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