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After 18 years of seminary teaching, I’ve been looking at some common responses of students. Towards the end of the academic year I ask students about their aspirations of the future. I tell them to imagine what they see themselves doing in 10 to 15 years.
Many said they see themselves having a global impact. They want their ministry to have an influence that is much beyond their local region. In its essence, such a view is not bad, but there is one complication.
When many of these students graduate, they do not commit to anything, waiting for some truly “global” opportunity. Their relationships are shallow, focus is fuzzy, and their words become flaky. Like a bee zipping from one flower to another, they never settle.
But I believe you can work locally and have a global impact. Here are some thoughts regarding this.
The World is Becoming Local
The concept “international” or “global” is completely different than ever before. People’s thinking patterns are becoming more global as time goes on. Because of social media, people think of their connections overseas as just a few clicks away.
You Can Easily Get Training That is Global
Learning modes are changing, and the option to receive formal and informal training online is phenomenal. By connecting with institutions and church organizations that you are a part of, you can get the training that you need.
Incorporate Global Concepts While Keeping the Local Culture
Never avoid local culture in any ministry that you desire to do. You can learn principles from what others are doing across the globe. Always find ways to apply it to the local culture and make it meaningful there.
Local Expressions Have Global Value
What is “local” for you is truly “global” for others. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are missing out on something by being focused on the ministry you do in your local area. This is why I like the “Locally Global” term.
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