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There are many things that help us to be organized and systematic so we can be more effective in what we do. For me, there are some online tools and apps that have helped me. The list of “Tools” I have listed below continues to change as time goes on, but this will give you a good Idea.
These are the tools I use on a regular basis. Under each category, I’ve listed the options in order of my preference.
I have not given much details regarding each one as you will be able to look up its features on the internet. The list below is just the most important features and complications that I have observed. I hope this will be beneficial for those who are looking for ways to be a bit more organized and effective.
File Storage
Google Drive

  • Downloads a copy to a local computer
  • Collaboration with ease
  • Unlimited storage when you use Google format
  • Purchase additional storage
  • Publish directly to WordPress


  • Downloads a copy to a local device
  • Allows for collaboration
  • Limited storage
  • Flexibility of using any editing software, but causes problems with formatting
  • Synchronization problems when using multiple devices and coloborating with others.
  • Gain free storage by promoting Dropbox
  • Purchase additional storage


  • Storage for a few thousand books 
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Book-like
  • Mobile app available

Recommended Reading
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Social Media
Tweet Jukebox

  • Scheduling
  • Suggested tweets
  • Free and paid version


  • Flexible
  • Better stats
  • Free up to 2,000 subscribers


  • Free
  • Use with any blog
  • Less flexibility

Media Storage
Google Photos

  • Free unlimited storage
  • Easy sharing options

Google Music

  • Virtually unlimited storage
  • Connect several devices
  • Categorizes your music

Website Hosting

I hope this list has been helpful. Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you have further questions or comments about any of the above services, you can look it up on Google.
Your Turn
Join me and add to this list. What have you found helpful?
Please share briefly in the comments.
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