Grow in Faith and Grow in Love

As we grow in our faith toward God, there is a clear expectation that our love for one another must also grow. We may have a clear and valid right to hold grudges and not love each other, but our faith in Christ cancels that right and leads us to love.
The church in Thessalonica struggled under the pressure of persecution. They looked forward to the return of Jesus Christ. As they increased their focus on Jesus and His return, their love for each other grew. Surely they faced similar relational struggles as we do. But I believe their focus on Jesus and the desire for His quick return changed their focus.
Conflicts arise when we are overly concerned about our rights. In the midst of persecution, they experienced a situation where all their “rights” were stripped away.
Once their “rights” have been removed, their focus was completely altered. Conflicts are reduced to a minimum. Their focus is on survival, not the guarding of their rights as individuals.
The only hope they found in their difficult situation was the return of Jesus. That hope refocused their minds in a proper way.
As we grow in faith, let us grow in our focus on Jesus. This focus allows us to love one another without all the hindrances that are normally prevalent in relationships. Thus faith without love is no faith at all.
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