Overcoming Doubts About Healing

Praying for healing can be an awesome and rewarding task. But when we are riddled with doubt, the task becomes one of fear confusion, and failure. The best way to handle doubt is with a little shot of truth. Here are some areas of doubt and ways to combat them when we pray for healing.
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About Self
When Jesus was tempted by the Devil in the wilderness, it was clearly a temptation of self identity. “If you are the son of God…” was the question posed to Jesus. Although Jesus clearly knew His identity, Satan wanted to test him during one of his weakest and most vulnerable times. After fasting for forty days and nights, it is an understatement to say that Jesus was hungry. This was possibly one of the most vulnerable times during his life here on earth.
When praying for healing, we are certainly putting ourselves in a vulnerable situation. During such times, we are most certainly vulnerable before others. Being vulnerable is difficult because of the fear of being judged by others. If we proceed without putting ourselves in a situation of vulnerability, we feel safe.
The greatest difficulty is that we know ourselves and our weaknesses. We forget the fact that God has adopted us and taken us as his own children. It is that position of being His child that qualifies us to do the works of the Father. Our weaknesses are a secondary matter. God is in the process of transforming us into the image of His son Jesus.
About the Past
We know that our past is behind us and forgiven by Jesus. But the memories and the pain continue to impact us. When our memory about the past is revived, doubts arise much beyond what is warranted. We begin to doubt if we are qualified to heal the sick.
The work of grace in our lives specifically dealing with the past is an important factor for our faith for healing. When we begin to doubt about our past, we need to remind ourselves that the grace of God was sufficient to forgive us, heal us and restore us.
It is that grace which allows us access to the throne of God where we can petition God for healing. But more than that, this grace has allowed us to become children of God and thus children of His kingdom. It is because of this that we are qualified to heal the sick in our midst.
When doubts about the past begin to trouble you, handle it skillfully. Use it as leverage to boost your faith and bless others. Remind yourself of the work of God in your life and that same work will bring healing to the person you are about to pray for.
About God
Is God too distant from people’s troubles and pain? This misunderstanding will cause us to doubt God more than anything else. Does God understand or care about my situation?
We forget that in Jesus, God came down and dwelt among us. As you pray for someone, imagine Jesus kneeling next to that person experiencing that same level of pain and agony. Imagine Him with tears of agony over what this person is experiencing.
This is exactly what we need to think about God in this situation. He knows. He understands. He feels the pain along with you. God is not too distant. He is right here.
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