One Look is All it Took

I didn’t do anything special. I simply looked His way. One look was all it took, and He was so gracious to me and filled me with faith and poured out his love to me.
This is clearly unique to the Christian faith, that our faith is based on God’s grace to us. It wasn’t a great set of sacrificial deeds on our part, but entirely on the grace of God.
The thief of the cross simply looked at Jesus and said “remember me.” Those words of desire was sufficient to Jesus for him to be accepted into his kingdom. Jesus clearly taught through parables that this acceptance was entirely God’s prerogative, and not based on our works or abilities.
As if that was not enough, he filled us with faith and love. Because of our sinful and broken condition, we don’t even have the ability to have faith in Him. He graciously provides that too, the faith to keep believing and trusting in Him.
Then, to top all of that of, he gives us his love. Of course, it was love that prompted the Father to send His Son to die for us in the first place. But now, he fills us with that kind of love. His kind.
So just as we did in the beginning, let’s keep looking in his direction…
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