Pray for Peace, Pray for Leaders

Leaders are the key to have a peaceful and dignified society. As the leaders are, so are the rest of the people.
In every society, leaders are criticized and stereotyped as corrupt and power-hungry. In 1 Timothy 2:1-7, we are encouraged to pray for the leaders of our society.
Everyone desires a peaceful and dignified life. Paul says the way to get there is through prayer. When we pray for our leaders, God is pleased with our prayers.
But the ultimate key to that prayer is that our leaders may come to know Jesus. This is because Jesus is the one mediator between the true God and people.
When leaders have a genuine relationship with Jesus, the society can enjoy peace and live a dignified life. These qualities come as a result of having leaders who are committed to Christ and committed to governing with biblical values.
So, what about our complaints regarding the nation? Yes, they may be valid and accurate, but the instruction for us is to pray. Our prayers will transform them, and transformed leaders will transform our society.
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