Everyone Gets to Play, But . . .

We consider it an important value that everyone gets to play, but leadership is limited. They need to be tested first. Active involvement is open to all of God’s children. We are not to limit anyone because of their situation in life.
Once people are involved, they need to prove themselves faithful. When tasks are assigned, we observe their commitment to the task. Are they faithful? Are they committed?
Paul clearly expressed this important principle to Timothy. “And let them also be tested first; then let them serve as deacons if they prove themselves blameless” (1 Tim 3:10).
Salvation is open to all people as God wants a personal relationship with everyone. Ministry involvement is open to all of God’s children without putting any limitations on people. But Leadership in the church is limited only to those who have proven themselves faithful to the tasks assigned to them. Likewise, they need to be people of character in their personal lives, family, and in society.
People’s reputation in the society is vital as the community sees the church through the people of the church, especially its leaders. So everyone gets to play, but church leadership is limited to the faithful.
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