Permanently Broken

What if things don’t get better? What if the pain, sickness, and brokenness you face is permanent? Hope is good, but what if the hope you have just doesn’t pan out?
It is good to encourage people to hold on in the midst of their struggles. Continue to be faithful in what you do in spite of the difficult circumstances you are in. Our hope is that one day, things will turn around for the good.
For some people, the only healing they’ll receive for their bodies is at the time of resurrection. Resurrected bodies will be free of sickness and pain.
Whatever struggles you face, there is a longing to be free from that pain. There is always that thought that maybe one day, the agony will go away. So we continue to pray for healing, and ultimately desire wholeness in every area of our lives.
Yet throughout the Bible, there are people who went through life never having received what they longed for. Abraham never reached his “destination” during his life. Moses missed the promised land. Although Job got back more than what he lost, his children were no more.
What if our pain is permanent? What if your loss is never to be recovered? I remember the words of Job: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.”
Maybe it’s the end of your hope. Some things may never change. Maybe it’s the end of your life as you had wished it to be, with all its success and grandeur.
Jesus asked the Father to take away the “cup” of torture and agonizing death, but he submitted himself to the Father’s will. Although the pain was too much to bear, he loved his Father more than his desire to be free. And of course, He loved us too much to give up.
I am learning a new lesson. It’s an old one, and I’ve known it all along, but it is finally getting into my heart. This life is temporary. This is just “practice” for eternity with God. The fullness and true reality will come then. Today is the day to learn to be in relationship with God and to trust Jesus.
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