Do the Talk and Talk The Doing

It is not easy to measure integrity. But I believe Paul’s words to Timothy give us a clue to measure our own integrity. “Keep a close watch on yourself and on your teaching . . . “ (2 Tim 4:16 NLT).
Maybe we can use it like a thermostat for ourselves. These two aspects can be viewed as two parts of the same entity.
First, we need integrity in our actions. How we live must match our words. Of course, this assumes that we speak according to our values.
If we live according to our words, and our words are in line with our values, then our life will be in line with our values.
Second, we need integrity in our words. Many thoughts may come to our mind. We will hear a variety of ideas from different people we value. But what is consistent with our values? What is in line with the scriptures?
Popular opinion may not be in line with your values. The “gatekeepers” may have thoughts that are different from your values. Stay with what you value regardless of the cost. Acceptance and popularity are illusions fabricated to satisfy the needs of our insecurity.
We need a life of integrity backed up with words consistent with our values.
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