This Easter Will Be Better

Annual celebrations can be dull, boring, and redundant. So each year, we find ways to make the celebration better, more colorful, lively, and hopefully even more meaningful.
The awesome reality of Easter is that Jesus continues His special work for us after he resurrected from death. As the perfect High Priest, Jesus continues to represent us to the Father. The uniqueness of His work for us is described in Hebrews 7:15-28.
The High Priests before Jesus would pass on their role to another before they died, but Jesus continues to live forever. His work as our mediator never gets passed on to another. He always continues as our representative before the Father.
So, from generation to generation, Jesus continues to be our mediator. He was there for those who lived before us. He was their mediator, sustainer, and savior. We have heard their stories — how Jesus was faithful to them in their greatest struggles. Now He does the same for us.
Easter is a time for us to celebrate this reality and pass on that confidence to our children. Jesus was faithful to our ancestors. He continues to be faithful to us. And now, we call our children forward and pass on this wonderful reality to them. Jesus will be their mediator, savior, sustainer and guide.
So this Easter will be better as we get to pass on our faith in Jesus to yet another generation!
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