When Death Came Too Soon

Here was another person who died before being transformed by the power of Jesus. It was a deeply saddening news for me. I had given much time, effort, and energy to connect with this person in hopes that he would give his heart to Jesus and be transformed by God’s power.
I had similar thoughts and experiences as I related with another person who also died never connecting with Jesus. I wrote about him earlier in a blog called: When Life Ends Before Mercy Ends.
Both of these men turned to alcohol as their solace. But I don’t think alcohol was the real problem. The real problem was that they couldn’t turn their brokenness over to God. There was something in their hearts that prevented them and held them back.
They both felt their situation in life was worse than anyone else. They clearly felt that no one could understand them. Although they were told about Jesus, they just could not give their lives to Him. Their hearts would not open up.
This man was in business and he experienced some success at various times. But he had trouble keeping his commitments. He often got into debts that he could not return. As a result, he left lots of broken relationships.
I’m not sure what I could have done differently in order to bring such people to Jesus. I know that ultimately they need to make a decision on their own. But once they do, I am confident in Jesus that He will change them inside and out.
So now I pray for all who have not accepted the invitation of Jesus. He invites those who are weary and burdened to come to Him. He will give them “rest” for their souls.
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