Always Prefer Outdated Medicines

As I cleaned out the night table next to the bed, I found the medicine that the doctor had prescribed for me to use when the condition flares up occasionally. He had prescribed some extra for me to store up. The package was dusty, and torn. When I looked carefully, I realized it had expired more than a year ago.
That’s when I remembered my anxious thoughts several years ago when the doctors said this condition will gradually get worse. They said that I could maintain a fairly normal life by being careful to take care of myself.
As these thoughts came up in my mind, I was holding several outdated medicines, remembering how regularly I was dependent on those. I made sure to purchase extra so that I’ll never be without them.
Now I was elated to realize that I must have purchased them over two years ago. Now, for more than two years, I’ve enjoyed God’s healing and restoration. I am still learning to be dependent on Him more than ever.
While I am grateful for the healing, I also remember the years I experienced the struggle. As there was no hope for a normal future for me, I had been living on a very short deadline of just a few years. Only a few years were left for me to live a normal life. Somehow, I was the recipient of God’s mercy as I received the healing.
But I realize there are those who never experience the healing here in this life. For them, it may be the experience of being permanently broken (Click the link to view the post). Their healing may only occur in the next life with Jesus in eternity.
Only because I am a recipient of God’s mercy I’ve been healed. Thus I get to write about outdated medicines!
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