Calculated Losses

Do you describe your life as a life of losses? You look back and see a trail of losses. The losses may have occurred in relationships, money, honour, and a host of other factors. These losses are a reality of your past, and it seems to grip your present just as much as it had a hold on your past.
More than twenty years ago I worked for a company that put much effort into keeping their losses (shrinkage) down way below 2%. Each year, as the company went through its annual inventory, they meticulously combed through every piece of item in the store. But they knew that through theft, breakage, and paperwork errors, they would surely incur losses.
Throughout the year they worked hard to keep the losses down, but they knew they had to factor in such losses. For them, it was part of doing business.
I’ve realized now that losses in life must be factored in to my life’s “account” too. I’ve got to learn to accept losses as a part of living this life. As long as we don’t’ accept this reality, we will continue to live in the past. We get a new calendar each year, but our lives remain in the former years. We leave our hearts behind somewhere in the past.
Once we accept losses as a part of this life, we can begin to move forward in life. The possibilities become endless. Otherwise our losses weigh us down and we won’t be able to move forward with life.
Calculate the losses, set them aside, and let’s move forward.
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