The World You Leave Behind

The future of the world is quite uncertain. For many, this is a matter of serious concern. The increasing threat of terrorism puts fear into the hearts of those who live in peaceful situations. Global warming, school shootings, human trafficking, slavery, natural calamities and a host of other factors that are beyond our control cause confusion in our hearts.
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For some, they are completely oblivious to all that goes on throughout the world. They simply look away and continue with their daily tasks.
What kind of a world are we leaving behind for the next generation? Many of us may not be around to witness the outcome of all these dangerous situations and others that are brewing throughout the world. This could be a way of “escape” or a way to ignore reality. But we must not ignore this moral responsibility placed on us as part of this current generation. What will we do? How will we take responsible action to benefit the generations that follow?
For generations, people have attempted to bring correction and order in this world. The quest and attempt to change things must continue. That is part of our moral responsibility. But at the same time, we acknowledge the reality that these things are ongoing attempts, but not the ultimate solution.
The Bible says that Jesus sustains the universe with His powerful word (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus can sustain the universe with His word because He is the one through whom God created the universe (John 1:3). His word spoke everything into existence, and his powerful word will continue to sustain everything.
The world you leave behind is a serious concern for many. And rightly so. We need to be responsible citizens of the planet and be concerned about the world we leave behind for our children.
But ultimately, it is God who created this world, and He will sustain it for future generations.
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