The Ultimate Release at Communion

I looked out at the audience as the people waited for the communion to be served. My mind flashed through all the various issues we face: Guilt, pain, rejection, injustice, and other factors that seem to grip the souls of people.
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As the communion was served, I realized we were taking part in something greater and more awesome than the sum of all our combined struggles. The creator of the universe has come in human form and humbled himself to the lowest levels.
The genuine humility of Jesus challenged the pride, arrogance, and violence of humanity. Throughout history, pride has been challenged with greater pride, arrogance with more arrogance, and each negative has been countered with more of the same. Only Jesus was able to challenge these with His humility.
But His humility is different. It comes in the context of the greatest levels of power that is imaginable. No other force can surpass His — yet He chose to respond in humility. His ultimate act of humility was to offer up His own body to be sacrificed.
The sinless one was sacrificed for us sinners. The most powerful one laid down His power to die in humility and meekness — for me, the prideful, arrogant, selfish sinner.
My pride, arrogance, and selfishness has brought me guilt, pain, rejection, injustice, and other factors that reveal my true brokenness. But through His humility, Jesus has brought me healing. His healing brings wholeness in place of all my brokenness.
As I served communion that day, my eyes were full as I realized the extent of what this table represents. My brokenness — our brokenness, exchanged for His wholeness.
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