Life Reproduces What's in Your Heart

Those with the craziest and wildest dreams are the ones who seem to do something substantial with their lives. As for the rest of us, we simply make a living and take care of our responsibilities.
One such wild and crazy dreamer was Jacob. He had the idea of “purchasing” his older brother’s birthright — which was practically and logically impossible to do. But Jacob made good on that purchase by ultimately procuring the final and ultimate blessings from his father, which should have gone to his elder brother.
Later, while working for his father-in-law for a long two decades, he had another impossible dream. He made the deal with Laban that his wages would consist of all the streaked, speckled, and spotted animals among the sheep and goats. Then he went about trying to increase the reproduction of the streaked, speckled, and spotted ones.
When these animals mated, he stripped the bark off from branches and placed them in sight of the animals. He figured that if the animals saw these branches while they mated, they would reproduce streaked, speckled, and spotted young ones. This, of course, would increase his wealth.
While this is a completely an illogical and impossible plan, it worked for him! More streaked, speckled, and spotted animals were born. Although we don’t know how this could have happened, we know this is exactly what was in his heart. That was the driving passion of his heart.
What’s in your heart? Focus on it, pray for it, and move towards it. No matter how crazy and wild, put it before you.
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